A thread to discuss how Jacinda will make NZ Choice again

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    Tormenta wrote:
    Yeah they've gone quiet cos they know how noxious their views are.

    The argument they're indirectly making is that you can't be a migrant and have a decision-making role in Parliament, and you especially can't be female and do it.


    The xenophobic arrogance of such a stance is breathtaking to me and I assume Trump's success has emboldened these sorts of views.
    It's not unusual for a country to require its members of government to be of a single citizenship (see Australia recently). As she holds dual citizenship the question is will she always be working in our best interests? What if she held dual Chinese citizenship?

    It's not xenophobic to question why she has not relinquished her american citizenship, it is right to ask how committed she is to NZ. But I guess you like to use that word a lot (xenophobic).

    Lets see what the view is in America on it.. (Forbes):

    Dual citizenship is attractive for many reasons, but there are times when it simply should not be tolerated. Serving as the elected official of a country at the national level is one of those times. No congressman or senator should have even the appearance of divided loyalties that dual citizenship brings, and one can look to the cases of Ted Cruz and Conrad Black as how things can and ought to play out. Meanwhile, we can only wait to see how Sakaashvili sorts out his problems and whether he will be able to reinstate his Ukrainian status.

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    Tormenta wrote:
    Yeah they've gone quiet cos they know how noxious their views are.
    It was Saturday night, I was doing other things, not being a faux-left-mexican trying to be offended on the internet.

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    Bobs wrote:

    This is even dumber than Shane Jones. JA is going to have a hell of a time if the last month is anything to go by. Hopefully we can tell this American to go back to America.
    LOL ... She is not very PC is she. Who would have thought it from a Green politician. We need more people like her to tell it like it is, instead of being all PC about it.