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    Need for Speed Payback

    Does anyone have an interest in this game? I've just spent a few hours playing it with Origin Access. It's nothing special, but I've had enough fun to purchase the full version. Plays out as you would expect from a Need for Speed story game.

    The hard AI is the best I have experienced in a car game. I have found the races challenging when my car is at the recommended specs.

    I do have some annoyances from my short trial. My fps counter shows a constant 120fps but occasionally mid race it feels like 30fps for a few seconds, then will go back to normal. Hopefully it's 'early access' issues, but I can't imagine it being fixed in a week. Maybe game ready drivers will help. Also the NOS is way too arcadey and reloads ridiculously quickly. I feel like in Need for Speed 2015 I had to choose the best moment to use NOS. In Payback I just use NOS on cooldown.

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    I'm in it for the story mode that's about it. I just hope its better than NFS 2015.

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    Reviews are out & sounds pretty shit unfortunately. I was actually thinking of getting this but will give it a miss now

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    "Unlike Need for Speed 2015, which allowed us to bolt on specific parts to improve performance – you know, like a normal racing game – Payback’s upgrades are controlled by what the game dubs “Speed Cards”. Payback’s many-tentacled Speed Card system is absolutely not for me."


    "To make your car faster you need Speed Cards, and each vehicle your crew owns has six slots for Speed Cards (the slots ostensibly represent things like the gearbox, or the turbo, and such). You can earn a single, random Speed Card by completing a race, but at best it will only be an incremental improvement on your current Speed Card line-up. You can also buy Speed Cards for in-game cash from auto parts stores, but the cards they carry are random and rotate every 30 minutes"


    nope nope nope

    nope nope

    I am so not touching this

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    haha yeah **** that shit. EA gonna EA lol

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    I'm out lol

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    So you don't actually upgrade your car only use the lootbox system that's not even permanent. Loopy system. Glad I'm not touching this game.

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    Played the trial and honestly found it way better than NFS 2015, definitely a buy for me. Sorry to disappoint you all

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    Game is so bad. Cringe story, cringe voice acting, all the cars feel the same, and that stupid upgrade system?
    I had more fun with NFS 2015

    Also idk if it changes later in the game but running away from cops is just going through a set amount of checkpoints, and not actually running away from the cops

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    Make sure that you pre-order to get coloured tire smoke!!!!!!111

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    Yep, classic EA pre-order bonuses and micro transactions.

    If you approach the game as you would approach a Fast & Furious movie (as mindless car entertainment) then you shouldn't be disappointed.

    The upgrade system does seem weird at first by adding an RPG element. This may appeal to some. The change is obviously to make that sweet loot box cash from min maxing whales. In my short trial I found that I had enough free upgrade cards, shards and cash by playing the game that I don't think many people will be buying the loot boxes.

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    Time to put a bullet in this franchise and reboot Burnout instead.

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    Frederick James wrote:
    Time to put a bullet in this franchise and reboot Burnout instead.
    Did you see the trailer for OnRush at the Playstation Event earlier this month bro? Might satiate your appetite until they decide to reboot Burnout!

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    Enjoying it so far, the upgrade system is not much different from The Crew only they are random pick and you can't do an event for that one part.

    The map seems like a mix of most of the previous NFS games.

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    I've played probably 30 minutes. So what they have done is basically try copy horizon, and done it very poorly. Nfs has always been arcadey, but this is pretty bad. Just feels shit

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    Seems like another win for EA Access

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Mack savage as usual. Unfortunately most of his criticism is warranted but is EA in a nutshell. I'm really surprised he didn't attack the loot boxes.

    I just finished the story and didn't experience any grind. I found it fun and am keen to try some online drifts now. The only problem is online doesn't support drift events! Hopefully that is coming in a later patch as well as online free roam.

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    LOL! John Walker really hates this game!

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    does anyone know whats going on with the pc version of this? its available on origin but not available in any stores that i can find

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    Finally I got this game. I'll test it tonight. Can;t wait

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    Oh Jesus I played on EA Access. Thank God the giant unskippable cutscenes have gone, and the cutscenes are still as embarrassing as ever, but holy hell what did they do to the driving? I had trouble distinguishing between cars. Every single one felt and drove the same.

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    It's nice to me. I like the main story of the game. The only thing that annoys me is the strange voices of some of the characters.

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    Last time I played NFS was 10 years ago. I gave this game a chance and I'm very happy that i did, cuz game is awesome

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    Update and DLC coming on the 19th:

    The DLC doesn't interest me much but I am keen to try the Drift Speedlists. Add me on Origin if you are keen to group up some time - GamblorNZD.