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    "Expands lore.".

    All I care about so happy about this.

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    Pretty much agree with everything in this review.

    Fighting those new machines was a chore since they're always in your face & you couldn't really use any kind of strategy. If you came across more than one scorcher/frostclaw it would turn into a complete cluster****.

    Still worth playing if you like the main game but was nothing special.

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    Oh, that's a bit of a bummer. I really like HZD.

    It sounds to me like this is something that should of been part of the main campaign on the player's path to the ending.

    New players should maybe wait for the Gold Edition or GoTY Edition to get the entire experience.

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    Crikey, out of 60 reviews on Metacritic this one is the lowest by one full point. Just goes to show that it pays to read more than one review when looking at games.