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    Lord of the Rings [Amazon]

    Amazon just announced the LOTR tv series is officially a go. With a multi season commitment order now in place. The story will take place pre fellowship. They also have the blessings of the tolkein estate. No word yet on when this will broadcast but I suspect it could still be up to a year a way.

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    My instinct is that it's a terrible idea. In fact if this whole thing eventually falls through, I wouldn't be surprised.

    The biggest alarm bell for me is that Amazon just dumped their programming execs, who had actually been doing superb work with (as the Variety article states) their 'naturalistic' slate of shows. So whoever is installed as showrunner for this has a massive task ahead of them. Just ask Benioff & Weiss, who had to scrap the pilot for Game of Thrones because they were so far off the ballpark with their original take. Or ask Peter Jackson how much development time, and what a massive crew had to be assembled, to deliver roughly 10 hours worth of material set in this universe.

    There are just so many things that can go wrong, and they're starting off from such an uncertain network standing, that all signs point to 'nope'.

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    I was just thinking what if Amazon poached Benioff & Weiss to show run this thing?

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    Would be quite a coup! But I believe they're doing that civil war series next. They're probably happy to leave the fantasy genre behind for now.

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    I heard they don't even have the rights to all the characters. But could be good irregardless

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    What a joke..

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    With just how hilariously bad the Shannara TV adaptation was, I'm not gonna hold my breath. It seems there's a rush to be the next GoT, studios hungry to meet some new formula they've derived from it that will undoubtedly prove awful since GoT was kind of one of those crazy clash things where the writing and the (previously) fringe but extremely talented actors came together in such a way that I don't think anyone really expected to do quite as well as it has..

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    I'd like to know if they acquired the rights to The Silmarillion, as some websites such as Polygon are claiming that they do have them, while nearly all other sites do not mention this specifically at all.

    This is a very ambitious project and it's a funny situation because the Tolkien Estate approached the tv companies first, and not the other way around like I expected. And Amazon have already thrown $250m just for acquiring the rights, and that's before anything else has even started.

    As a big LotR fan, I am worried, but hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

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    JoeSkie wrote:
    As a big LotR fan, I am worried, but hoping for the best, expecting the worst.
    A sentiment I share.

    Seems like Christopher Tolkien has resigned control over the Tolkien estate. Without him it seems that a more financially astute approach has allowed this.

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    Will be worse than what Miramax had planned for Lord of the Rings

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    why do we need another shadow of mordor spin off movie

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    I expect this to be cringe and trigger a lot of LOTR purists.

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    One of the best stories to tell (imo), and one not very fleshed out in cannon, is Aragorn's life prior to LotR. We'll get to see a few familiar (to the casual viewer) characters like Aragorn, Gandalf, Elrond, Arwen... and a bunch of familiar places Rivendale, Rohan, Gondor, Lorien... (Plus, I'm pretty sure they could do this without needing any film rights beyond what was acquired for the films).

    Then again, perhaps having the familiar is a downside, and they'll take something from the Silmarillion.

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    Aragorn cruised around a lot of Middle Earth and had heaps of adventures so yeah he would be an ideal main character.

    But with The Silmarillion they'd have access to Beren & Luthien, Morgoth, Numenor, Gondolin and all the rest of it. Nearly three full ages of content.

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    Sure, but some familiar sites, faces and somewhat relatable characters are probably a better way to go, at least initially.

    Dealing with god-like beings, massive time-scales, Elvish political ructions, and kinda "weird" things like the Silmarils are just not, in my opinion, in the "easy" pile for an adaptation.

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    ^ Agreed, not to mention the cost of coming up with the artwork, sets, costumes, CGI, and actors for all of those things.

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    I wonder if they'll race the Witcher for the next fantasy show.

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    stupid idea but as expected from risk adverse POV. I expect the usual pretty faces, hollywood romances with current SJW threads and made up completely generic storyline, the Ranger of the North needs to save the world ..again.. from.. one of Sauron only mentioned once reference bad guy list..

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    Its not a trigger for tolkien fans as the movies deviated quite significantly from the source material.
    What is a concern is Amazon don't have a proven track record. I'm worried they will "hobbitify" the material by adding a healthy dose of cheese.

    Some things I'd love to see is the hunt for the ring, the turning of the nine and more specifically the King of Angmar.
    Perhaps some flash backs of the abandonment of Galadrial at Helcaraxë by her Bro.
    Would be epic to see the downfall of Tirion and sacking of Gondolin.

    Basically Silmarillion material.

    Not sure what timeframes we'll see but given some characters are thousands of years old the options are there at least in the form of flash backs.

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    Ian Mckellen wants to return as Gandalf.

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    I doubt it'd be worse than the movies.

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    Valeyard wrote:
    Ian Mckellen wants to return as Gandalf.
    That'd be amazing

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    JoeSkie wrote:
    That'd be amazing
    Hell yes!

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    First season will focus on Young Aragorn.

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    I was right!