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    Each year the pressure to up the pace of content delivery seems to increase, and Blizzard respond in kind.
    Lolwut, granted I haven't played Legion at all, but pretty much every other expansion after Wrath was marked by a progressively lower amount of content tiers, that took increasingly longer to come out.

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    They have actually been pretty steady in legion at 77 days per patch. Shifting raid tiers to .5 patches helped keep things steady. The big question is whether they can deliver the next expansion without a year+ long gap like they usually do despite saying they recognize that's far too long

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    We asked for Classic just Classic and only Classic

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    wastelandgoats wrote:
    We asked for Classic just Classic and only Classic
    Stop pretending that the "vanilla WoW was better" contingent is anything but a vocal minority. The "casuals" that play WoW today are the majority playerbase and Blizzard would be dumb to not cater to them by releasing a new expansion.