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    Skyrim worth buying a Switch for?! That's a bold claim. I would assume that if you're a gamer you have already played it, and if you haven't, you probably would have a better experience on PC.

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    I just threw up in my mouth after seeing the price.

    Shame on you, Bethesda.

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    I would much rather play Skyrim on PSVR than a Switch

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    SirGrim wrote:
    I would much rather play Skyrim on PSVR than a Switch
    Easy to claim when you do not own a switch.

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    Pulley wrote:
    Easy to claim when you do not own a switch.
    I've already played it on PC which is the best graphical version to play, if I want to immerse myself, I believe VR would be better than a TV screen right

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    I cannot think of a more awful way to play Skyrim than VR. Literally the worse way to play it. I can only assume you've never used VR, let alone the nausea inducing PSVR. You literally cannot play any game on PSVR for any extended amount of time. How do you think something as massive as Skyrim is going to manageable?
    Simulation sickness, discomfort, heat, and fatigue are all issues unique to VR, and they are massive issues when you game for longer than 20-30 mins with a headset. And that's if you're one of the very few that can even last that long.

    I like Skyrim, not as much as most, but I am intrigued to play it on a mobile device. A system seller? Well maybe not, but then again who's to say? For a long-haul flight, this would be great. Or as something to play on lunch breaks, or away from home.

    Grim, how about you actually take in to account the opinions of people who have first hand knowledge of something before wading in with your unqualified ones?

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    Well I have tried google VR with phones and that hurt my eyes, but so does 3d hurt my eyes, I can't watch anything in 3d for more than 5 minutes before I get a headache

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    I was gonna grab this on Switch, then at the last minute it came up on PSN for $35 so grabbed it on PS4. Put a few hours into it, would love to have grabbed it portable coz I'm not able to get to my ps4 as much these days.

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    That's a great price.

    Wish it was that much on switch... would easily get it.