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    I am very interested to see if this reignites the custom MP side of things, which is really what it was about (and why I personally was not the biggest fan of vanilla NWN).

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    -HB wrote:
    Hopefully the compatability with old servers is legit.
    Modules and saves are all compatible but EE and Diamond Edition players won't be able to play together on MP servers. They cited security reasons primarily.

    They've already been working with prominent modders like NWNX guy on their engine.

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    That sorta sucks, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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    ChrisB wrote:
    The EE's are the developers vision of what they wanted to do. Seeing as you're championing the OG games (which I adore), why do you care so much, and feel the need to layer bullshit on top of this opinion in order to push it?
    I don't care to push anything, least of all OG versions, which I believe are there mostly for fossils like us.
    I do care about distortion of their creative and artistic value, well because those games are close to my heart.

    I may have been too hard on the devs, but it's incredibly hard to take them seriously after the initial embarrassment. I'll stop with the comments tho, seeing as they're upsetting you so.

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    I loved the NWN games back in the day. But looking at the video, it doesn't look like there is enough to draw me back in.

    I'd love to see a new entry in the series using the 5th edition rules though. And by new entry I mean not an MMO F2P bore fest. Gimme a single player game with a compelling story!