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    Donating old video game gear

    TL;DR - Where do you donate old video game gear?

    It's as good a time as any to be thinking about doing something for others. I'm sure I'm not the only one on here with a closet full of old games and systems which I'm unlikely to touch again. There's a lot of (non-monetary) value in that old gear, and it's a shame for it to sit there unused.

    Does anybody have any experience giving old video game gear to charities? I've found it more difficult than I thought it would be. Starship are quite picky about what they accept (I assume they get a lot of donations). Wishing Tree only accepts new toys. Something like the Toy Library seems like a good fit, but I don't know if they deal with video games. Internationally, there are organisations like Charity Nerds that accept old gear and will hand it directly to kids in need if it's in decent condition, but I haven't seen anything along those lines here.

    The alternatives I'm looking at are just dropping stuff off at the Sallies, or selling it on TM and donating the profits. The latter is my least preferred option because a) I feel like somebody without any spare cash will probably get more enjoyment out of it, and b) old video game gear devalues so quickly that the actual $$$ that would go to charity would be a fraction of the "value" that would otherwise be gained if it landed in the right hands, if that makes sense.

    So, have you donated gear in the past? If so, how, where, etc? Any charities you know if that are worthwhile?

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    I'd prolly put the gear into Sallies or maybe the local hospice shop.

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    WarZoner wrote:
    I'd prolly put the gear into Sallies or maybe the local hospice shop.
    So other people can get them and sell in trade me?

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    I would sell it yourself and donate - lots of dodge goings on with charity shops of late (staff selling on TM and a lot of the time, keeping the profits etc).

    Or just keep them to prevent post-sale anxiety and just donk a bit of cash to a charity - win/win.

    Or you could give it away in a competition on GP, and in turn, GPers could say what they could do for a chosen charity if they won the that I think of it, that's quite a cool idea....

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    I'll relieve you of some

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    ludez wrote:
    So other people can get them and sell in trade me?

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    Was just an idea

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    Though I doubt anything thats not ps4/xbox1 would be sniped.

    If it is new, and you have a lot of games etc for it, ask if they would do a raffle instead of outright sell it, this would gain maximum $ and make it hard for one person to just get it for resale.

    As for $, our local Sallies is retardedly overpriced for anything that isn't old clothes, and our Hospice is run by retirees who have no clue how to price anything.

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    old consoles go for huge money on trademe these days, it took me ages just to get a broken mega drive for under $50 for my raspberry pi build.

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    Yeah I guess the most practical option for maximum $ will be TM. It's a shame because I feel like this sort of stuff could be well used by a community center etc if they had an interest, but as far as I can tell there isn't any (or I just don't know who I would begin asking about such a thing).

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    I guess the positive is that whoever ends up paying $$ for it will appreciate its value.

    Also there's nothing wrong with letting someone else profiteer. Selling individually might not be worth your time if you're busy.

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    Depends if it works. If it works, I hold onto it in the backroom incase I want to play it one day. If its damaged or obsolete or something I "donate" it to the sidewalk wrapped in a trash bag.

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    Any cool old consoles like NES/SNES/MD etc n such bro?

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    The sallies are wrapped in religious dogma so I would refuse to support them due to their anti-gay, anti-abortion and hell doctrines.
    Hospice seems a better organisation, if you donated the gear to a poor area then it may well get picked up by someone in need.
    There is also groups that do a Xmas present collection for poor kids, you could donate it to something like that.

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    Post what you have
    Sell to GPers
    Give profits to charity