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    The thing about evil is, evil people don't know they're evil. Really, evil is about delusion and emotional issues.

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    Only with a percentage. some realize they are doing evil things, and are mentally aware of their actions, and are able to discern right from wrong.

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    This life is such a divine comedy.

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    Revias wrote:
    Only with a percentage. some realize they are doing evil things, and are mentally aware of their actions, and are able to discern right from wrong.
    Very few I think, most have a justification.

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    I got this from my News360 custom feed. LOL - just LOL - American Thinker: The Ignorance of Atheism
    The pattern is clear: atheists are Christophobes who irrationally hate and fear Christians (and also religiously serious Jews) because they hate and fear the idea of a divine and perfect judge of our honor and virtue. Atheists are the dead end of scientific inquiry and rigorous speculative theory because of their phobia. They run from truth as they run from God. They are profoundly unserious minds whom no one needs to heed.
    This is another who does not understand what an atheist is. And what makes this LOL is the site name "American Thinker".

    Just because we are 'without belief' in a God or gods or whatever, does not immediately mean we hate Christians or other believers. I think most of us atheists accept their right to believe what they want to believe, if that makes them happy.

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    Too many satanists here lol

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    Satan gets some bad press. Then again consider the source. the original fake news.

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    Unsettled wrote:
    Satan gets some bad press. Then again consider the source. the original fake news.

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    Had a go at my local MP who said this
    Happy Easter everyone. For we Christians who celebrate Easter as the high-point of our religious calendar it can be a strange few days - starting as it does with the violent killing of the one we revere the most (by us) and ending with his rising and the promise of new life, hope and beginnings. People respond differently, but for me there is value in knowing that God knows the very worst of humanity but still cares for us, and that there's always a way to carry on and live fully from even the darkest of events. If nothing else I hope it's been a happy weekend for you, and a chance to spend time with loved ones.
    so I responded with
    I am following you because you are our local MP and nearly stopped because of your post. I would have preferred you left your beliefs off your public facebook as there are many other alternative places to practice your personal beliefs. New Zealand, especially Auckland is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religion as you well know, so your post surprised me coming from an MP who represents this area.
    to which he replied
    I suppose it depends on how you conceive a mulit-cultural/Multi-ethnic society might work. I spend a lot of time participating in cultural and religious events across different communities, usually learn something from them, and publicly discuss them. I'm simply doing the same in relation to my own faith here, in what was I thought a pretty gentle way. To me being open and tolerant doesn't mean stopping any discussion about faith in public settings, it means being open and accepting that there are different views.
    to which I responded with
    I am tolerant of a person's right to believe in whatever he chooses to believe. I think a person's belief should be a private concern. However, does your discussion in a public setting like facebook, extend to discussing the validity of a persons belief. Bringing your 'faith' to the public like this, does make me want to debate this validity, as I for one believe all the good, religion has done in the world, was done by good people despite their beliefs. There has been too many killings in the name of one 'religion' or another and even between similar faiths - Sunnis versus Shias and Protestants versus Catholics and in the past many Christians versus Jews, who all effectively believe in the 'God of Abraham', albeit done by the more fanatical people. And then you have the Hindus versus Muslims in the Indian sub-continent. I firmly believe if all people just simply lived under the motto 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you', the world will be a better place. But arguments, over whose religion is the better or the one true religion, has made me question the validity of all religions, as they all can't be true. So at the end of the day, I feel religion should be a personal matter, unless you are willing to debate its validity as well.
    Was I too harsh?

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    I don't think you were too harsh, espousing religious freedom in a multi-cultural society creates a minefield.

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    The poor man - believing in a 2000yo fairy tale. He lives in today's world, he should know better to keep his religious beliefs to himself.

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    Someone (Christian) asked me if I understood what easter was really about - I replied yes it's the Spring Equinox celebration from the northern hemisphere that was hijacked by christians, but most of the pagan components remain (like Eostre buns and rabbits).

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    lol, how to make friends and influence people.

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    Unsettled wrote:
    lol, how to make friends and influence people.
    they were winding up to lecture me on easter+christ+go full bible basher so nothing lost.

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    On the ball earth model the idea of a creator is logically impossible.

    On the other-hand the Flat-Earth model a creator is of course obvious and makes perfect sense