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    Incomplete trade in BST

    Hi, Hope this is the right place to post.

    Si. posted on the 23rd of October.

    I advised that I would buy the Riverbed Appliance on 25th October, was advised that it was on Trademe currently and if it did not sell it was mine.
    On the 2nd of November I was advised that the unit was mine as it failed to sell on Trademe, I was down in wellington at the time on holiday and asked if it would be ok to send the payment when I returned to Auckland.

    I sent the required payment on the 6th November and notified Si. of the payment being sent.

    Since the 6th I have sent 4 separate messages to Si. asking when the unit will be sent, but have not had any replies.

    I am unsure how to proceed from here as I have no other contact methods for Si. apart from private message here on GP.

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    Flicked you a pm

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    Any resolution in this yet?

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    Not yet, I have not had a reply email.

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    Can confirm this has issue has been resolved. Topic can be closed