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    The Game Awards 2017

    Anyone else watching?

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    Half the team out on a boozy lunch so yeah, im in.

    Hoping for a preview of the next Zelda DLC and maybe some Death Stranding gameplay.
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    what dis gonna be

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    Crow#Zero wrote:

    Hoping for a preview of the next Zelda DLC
    'available 'tonight' omg

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    Crow#Zero wrote:
    what dis gonna be

    Hopefully Bloodborne 2 but I'm sure From Software said that would never happen

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    **** me, that sure as hell looks like BLOODBORNE 2!!!

    Also, you have to remember that officially From Software is under contract with Sony, that contract says that they have to develop 1 more exclusive PS4 game

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    OK its confirmed to be an Sony/PS4 Exclusive

    Microsoft has its own streaming service called Mixer which is also showing the game awards - when this teaser came on, Microsoft removed it and instead showed a trailer for Wolfenstein 2, Microsoft did not want to display this FROM SOFTWARE trailer which confirms its not a game for the Xbox, aka PS4 exclusive incoming

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    If you compared a bloodborne trailer to this teaser - you will see that at the end of each video, the exact same Font is used for the white text at the end

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    Soul Calibur 6

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    Wont be blood borne 2 but it will be some sort of successor.

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    Kojima on some crackhead shit lol

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    Did iJustine just say film instead of game
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    Zelda absolutely deserved to win Game of the Year. Choice

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    PUBG was robbed.

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    The shots fired by Bethesda at EA and Xbox over the "death of SP games" was glorious. As was Josef Fares' savagery at EA over the Battlefront 2 lootboxes.

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    Kojima on some crackhead shit lol
    Can someone explain that trailer please?

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    Overwatch got best ongoing game and best esports game.

    Not LoL with it's tons of viewers, not Dota2 with it's amazing tournament support, not CSGO with it's intense and easy to watch gameplay.

    That's genuinely hilarious and sums up these awards nicely.

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    Death Stranding looks nightmare-inducing.

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    grieving wrote:
    Can someone explain that trailer please?

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    Josef was AMAZING lol, good to see such a passionate developer. He's Assyrian too, which is very rare in the gaming industry.

    His game actually looks fun too, I really enjoyed Brothers.

    Also, Zelda deserved that shit 100%

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    Oh that's the guy who did Brothers: A tale of two sons? He's now my absolute hero.

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    Death Stranding trailers keep on impressing me.

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    It's like I need Death Stranding, and I am scared as **** why I need it. That's some nightmare shit man....delicious.

    Kojima, can I have some of your drugs bro?

    Also lol at EA getting roasted and that Josef Fares is my favourite Assyrian now too, bumping Tiglath-pileser III from his lofty perch.