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    Vintage Taylor.

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    He was clinical. Fingers crossed for a Taylor v Barney final.

    Poor old Gazza looked really uncomfortable. Long format tomorrow and he'll have to get smashed on anti-inflammatories or just pull out altogether. What he's probably got isn't a quick fix.

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    Barney, so close!

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    Do we dream? Go Taylor!

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    Wow. Another final! Taylor!!
    Jamie Lewis, one to watch!

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    Rob Cross!!! WOW. What a game, down to sudden death!

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    Why is there cricket on and not darts? Does it start at 9am or something?

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    167 finish!

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    Rob Cross, a legend in the making! He looks like he'll hammer Taylor.

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    Phil 'The Powerless' Taylor.

    I wonder how many sets down he'll be before he starts acting like a silly little kid on stage.

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    And Taylor could be back into it... that was a vintage set.

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    So close! That was epic.

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    Here he goes, being a dick.

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    This fits well, a kind if passing the torch if you will. Rob Cross is a future legend.

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    ^ yeah I read that, it doesn't bother me tbh.

    Gurney v Price is on and Gurney is starting to get into Prices over celebration game, which could go against him if he's not careful. 5 all atm.

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    Rob Cross has gone to mud.

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    I was surprised how after one great tournament they were calling him "the next Phil Taylor". Yeah, maybe after 10 great tournaments in a row of wiping the floor of all-comers, then start making comparisons.

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    Yeah, I must admit I bought into the hype too. I hope he finds his form again soon.
    Oh and Wright beat Gerwen

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    Price or Van?

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    It was a bit old fashioned tbh. Especially since they didn't actually do anything.

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    Mancubus wrote:
    Price or Van?
    Sorry. Van Gerwen.

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    This World Champs still going two months later? Wtf

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    Lol Van Gerwen

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    Tormenta wrote:
    This World Champs still going two months later? Wtf
    I didn't realise either.

    This guy Rob Cross must have been owning people at the pubs before he joined the PDC 11 months ago.