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    GPOD watches The Darts

    Thoughts so far

    • Phil Taylor did enough to make it through but will need to step it up.
    • Gary Anderson looked really good in patches, its just his finishing
    • Cody Harris (NZ) made it through the Preliminary round! I can't see him beating Ian White but you never know!
    • James Wade, oh dear, I think he has lost it and we won't see much of him anymore.
    • MVG still looks the favorite to take out the whole thing.

    Id love to be in that crowd.

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    Wade was shite. Looking forward to seeing the form of Snakebite.

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    LOL at Van Der Vort dissing his wife on live TV.

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    Cody Harris has got the bro-swag rocking on his walk-in.

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    ^ Haha this.

    I do think Cody Harris could be so much better, he just needs more games against better opposition, like this one. He does have the darts in him, like you saw with that finish, its just getting it to be consistent.

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    Nice Cody! 1-1.
    I think Ian White will still be too good but you never know!

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    1 set each! Hold it together man! He should bust out a massive pukana when ever he checks out. That could be his thing.

    Or just do the quintessential Kiwi thing - take his shirt off, do a drunk haka getting all the words wrong and take a piss on the oche.

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    Unlucky Cody, I do that all the time going for 60 finish. 5, 15, miss
    But then again, I'm a terrible player.

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    His head's goneburger

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    Mancubus wrote:
    His head's goneburger
    This. Mental fatigue will take you down before physical in this game
    Cody has nothing to be ashamed of though, he can only get better! Plus, its not like anyone else in this country can do better.

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    Yeah good effort Dartbro. As one of the commentators said, he needs to get into one of the Q-Schools and start playing better competition.

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    "Two saddos watch The Darts World Championship"

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    Darts has to be more pathetic than eSports.

    I do love eSports though.

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    It ain't Christmas without the darts.

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    Mancubus wrote:
    It ain't Christmas without the darts.
    Dartmas ftw

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    And holidays have arrived at the right time. Would love to see Taylor go out and say goodbye with a win of the whole thing but I don't see that happening. I'd put money on MVG.

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    These guys make it look so easy. I could barely hit a 20 last night.

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    MXRecord wrote:
    These guys make it look so easy. I could barely hit a 20 last night.
    That's cause you're too pissed m8.

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    ErAd wrote:
    That's cause you're too pissed m8.
    Video of MXRecord playing last night...

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    Adrian Lewis would be a terrible poker player. His face reflects every thought running through his head.

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    Ironically MXRecord creates a thread for every thought running through his head.

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    Wow, as if sport could be any more boring

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    Lol. Adrian Lewis.

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    Daryl Gurney to take the title

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    Won't someone please get these fat clowns a gym membership?