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    Where is boxing day guy

    Want some cheap wireless earbuds for the gym and a new wireless gaming headset thanks.

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    You're looking for GTTA. Been missing in action almost a year now, must have died.

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    Rip gtta

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    GTTA in HERE

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    RIP boxing day guy

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    Hi kiwifella

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    Hey JC

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    Better living everyone.!home

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    Mutton wrote:
    Better living everyone.!home
    Crap website is crap

    JB Hi-Fi doesn't have a catalogue online right now, but things do change here everyday. Join now to be notified the next time JB Hi-Fi has a new catalogue or sale.

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    Comes here looking for best price lucky customer Boxing Day Sale thread.

    Leaves disappointed.

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    Therk forums

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    rip gpforums