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    Thunderstorm wrote:
    Vulcan has issues with me because I think its his long term belief that I download goat porn, I attempted to take the high road and sort the issue with him via pm instead of posting on public forum. He only posted part of the pm and highlighted part of it, I presume to try and make him look cool. Its hard to imagine that a grown man can consistently act like this, and in some ways feel sorry for his kids.

    Anyway if Vulcan has finished acting like a dick head we can get back on topic. My cousin has had kidney issues and he takes Marshmellow root which has actually helped him a lot. It is also interesting to note that other customer reviews from amazon for example have also given thumbs up with Marshmellow root regarding their kidney issues.

    Another review on healthpost Ive seen.
    Quote :My son suffers from nephrosis. Marshmallow is a very helpful herb in calming & reducing inflamation of his kidneys:

    The first link further adds to my point that too much red meat isn't good for kidney health.
    Quote :the stone forming propensity is marginally higher for beef compared to fish or chicken:

    There is many types of toxins, If you google there is many links regarding charcoal. It doesn't help directly but rather indirectly by removing toxins from the body taking a huge load off the kidneys.
    No one cares if you like goat porn.

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    Zarkov wrote:
    No one cares if you like goat porn.
    exactly, so why would vulcan care? I only posted it in response to vulcan's highlighted comment because he posted the pm here. otherwise there would be no post in here.
    I'll also be responding to kevens post again when i have time as a lot of his comments is flawed.

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    Vulcan is only saying that to wind you up and giving him a reaction will just increase the amount of shit you get about goat porn from him and now probably others.

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    Goat porn, not even once.

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    Lethargic wrote:
    Goat porn, not even once twice.

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    Genuine question. If the likes of Thunderstorm and others who are into goats, do they get a bit of a stiffy when they visit a farm and see one? Do they look at its beard and dream about rough riding it?

    Occasionally you'll hear about farm animals going missing, do they perhaps wind up in some sex dungeon? Perhaps destined to experience a decade of depravity from goons dressed up as little bo peep? And what happens when it dies? Do they just serve it up for dinner and pretend nothing happened?

    Do goats get kidney stones?

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    Bobs wrote:

    Do goats get kidney stones?
    Only when you pee in their butts.

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    my brother drinks beer to avoid kidney stones

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    My cousins are predisposed to kidney stones. They had em tin their 20s. One had an operation or whatever and another just gets treament in hospital.. they still drink hardout etc

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    KevinL wrote:
    Thunderstorm wrote:
    evidence is based on real life experiences
    Marshmallow has no nephroprotective effect; in high concentrations it aggravates renal injury:
    In high concentrations yes it probably would aggravate renal injury, but that's the same with anything in too higher dosage because the kidneys have to filter out of the body what isn't needed. And from the links you posted they don't say that there is no nephroprotective effect they just say that there hasn't been any actual studies done to prove this, but real life experiences begs to differ.

    KevinL wrote:
    Thunderstorm wrote:
    I not the only one in this thread who has said meat is not good for kidney patients.
    CSB. Anecdotally (because you seem to love anecdotes) I don't know of any renal physicians who advocate a meat-free diet for their patients because it's better for them
    well from all the doctors I've spoken to they say lay red meat if you have kidney issues.

    KevinL wrote:
    Thunderstorm wrote:
    LOL then you should try telling hospitals to stop giving patients charcoal ? And let us know what their response is.
    Their response would be that whilst activated charcoal is an appropriate treatment for some intentional overdoses, it is not without risk and in unselected patients it does not improve outcome. In the context of what you're talking about - a cure-all general dietary supplement to remove "toxins" from the gut, they would say it's stupid.
    The gut is only a small part, But removing toxins from the body as a whole they certainly wouldn't say its a stupid idea. I take it charcoal after a night out drinking to prevent hangovers the next day and believe me it works.

    KevinL wrote:
    Thunderstorm wrote:
    Last I heard kidney patients on distilled water doesn't contain fluoride. otherwise prove me wrong.
    There's no [oxygen] [alcohol] [carbohydrates] [protein] [fat] [iron] [vitamins] [trace elements] [marshmallow] in dialysis fluid, therefore those things must be bad for your kidneys.
    Yes that's right none of that is in dialysis fluid. But getting back to fluoride which was my original point, There is known correlation with fluoride and kidney issues.

    KevinL wrote:
    Thunderstorm wrote:
    Bloodline wrote:
    But the internet said......
    Its not all from internet.
    People can be idiots IRL too.
    Yes some can be idiots in IRL. I was just responding to Bloodline's belief that all my knowledge has come from the internet.

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    Bobs wrote:
    Occasionally you'll hear about farm animals going missing, do they perhaps wind up in some sex dungeon?
    Do you mean like the one in Vulcan's Avatar?

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    So, my flatmate is an actual renal specialist at an actual hospital. I've stopped showing him these threads, because he doesn't find them funny any more.