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    Insai wrote:
    I had one exactly a year ago.
    First half of your post almost had me in tears of laughter. I know it's not funny at all, just reminds me of when it happened to me. I can relate to the pain, had one a couple years ago. Pretty much the worst pain i've had, and I have a bunch of puncture wounds in my chest, so know what pain is.

    I ended up in hospital, threw up on the way there from the pain. Made it into the queue to go into surgery. No one could say for sure what was wrong with me, eventually someone worked it out. Gave me pain meds and I was sent home, no op, thankfully.

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    Size of stone means nothing for pain. I had a 2mm that made my testicle spin in pain. Then I've passed 6mm that I barely felt.

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    First time I was in hospital I walked in (after being driven there). It was painful but not the way I've heard others describe it. It also started to go away the moment I got there.

    Second time was much more painful, though I was still on my feet, it lasted a while in the hospital. And boy was the morphine great.

    The 2 most disturbing parts of it all:
    - When there was a catheter in, and it had to come out, while i was awake with no numbing. That was the strangest damn feeling of my life.
    - After the laser a stent was left in for a few weeks. mild discomfort every so often with it in. But then taking it out, again when i was awake, things were numbed, but there was a camera in full view. In saying that, the doc and nurses were awesome, fast, and minimal discomfort.

    In talking about all the scary parts, without going into any more detail here. If anyone is going through it and worried about it all, I'm happy to be pm'd to offer advice. I found the hospital teams great, and I luckily have had it dealt with quickly all through the public system.

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    After reading the last couple of pages I went and had a few glasses of water lol.

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    does coffee count as water I dont drink water

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    Fragluton wrote:
    First half of your post almost had me in tears of laughter.
    Gotta have a sense of humor or life's boring

    In hindsight - and advice for anyone who experiences this - call an ambulance instead of being a hero! You get pain relief asap, and won't have to deal with the form filling and lines. And buy your nurse(s) a box of chocs or something - these saviours work crazy hours and have to deal with so much BS. My care was impeccable.

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    BZP wrote:
    does coffee count as water I dont drink water
    i thought it did. Apparently not :< dehydrates you like crazy if you're 8+ cups a day freak like i was :P

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    8 cups? The pain of pissing out a calcified rock will be no match for your inevitable heart attack

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    past tense mate, i have one cup of coffee maybe every other day now. Water is king.