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    Seems like ppl don't play league much these day?

    Is it just me or do you guys agree?
    I see a lot of ppl playing PUB instead of league.

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    I agree with you, some of them feel good to play other game like AOE, dota 2, or anything big game based on this game. But i'm still play LOL, ít's free and easy to play. However i'm not good at playing game, just for low level skill. So, have you played this game? Which kind of character you played? tell, me. I'm curios about it.

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    ofc i have played LoL. Not any more now tho. Used play it S2-S4 when everyone were playing LoL.
    I played Mid/Jungle mostly. TF,Kass,Jayce,Lee sin,Khazix etc. I'm just sad that LoL isn't the most popular game now.

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    Yeah friends mostly play fortnite now :/