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    How do I access this shit? It says I don't have permission

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    Did you preorder? I think it's still in the preorder phase until 9pm tonight, .NZ really got screwed on the timezone aspect.

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    Oh ok that must be it. I didn't preorder.

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    I was able to download it a couple hours ago through the ps store website without pre-ordering. I just searched for dragonball z and the open beta showed up.

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    yeah I could download it fine but when I click on Start Game it says I don't have permission

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    My problem at the moment is all the combos look and feel quite similar. I'm not seeing anything as creative as MvC: Infinite but that might change when we get access to a proper training mode.

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    Played a bit but the long waits for games and regular shitty connections dampened my enjoyment. Still had some fun though even without a training to really figure out what I was doing.