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    How do I access this shit? It says I don't have permission

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    Did you preorder? I think it's still in the preorder phase until 9pm tonight, .NZ really got screwed on the timezone aspect.

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    Oh ok that must be it. I didn't preorder.

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    I was able to download it a couple hours ago through the ps store website without pre-ordering. I just searched for dragonball z and the open beta showed up.

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    yeah I could download it fine but when I click on Start Game it says I don't have permission

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    My problem at the moment is all the combos look and feel quite similar. I'm not seeing anything as creative as MvC: Infinite but that might change when we get access to a proper training mode.

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    Played a bit but the long waits for games and regular shitty connections dampened my enjoyment. Still had some fun though even without a training to really figure out what I was doing.

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    beta gonna beta, was expected to have problems. Should be fine for launch though, the devs have a good track record.

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    Reviews up, around 87% on Metacritic

    great review as always from ACG:

    of note regarding connection, IGN stated that it was 50/50, half the matches were perfect, other half were terrible connections that resulted in disconnects.

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    From the IGN review:
    Low skill tactics are very effective
    My eyes are almost rolling out of my head...I'm worried about how often it is repeated that the game is simple/easy.

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    Sigh... delayed by an extra day on PC? ah well :\

    It's up on console btw, for nz.

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    geneterror wrote:
    From the IGN review:

    My eyes are almost rolling out of my head...I'm worried about how often it is repeated that the game is simple/easy.
    God forbid games be accessible enough to where everybody can have some fun, right?

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    God forbid games be accessible enough to where everybody can have some fun, right?
    So you think From Software fans would be happy if the next Dark Souls/Bloodborne etc was reduced to mashing square with no dodging or movement required to play? Hey guys get psyched we made the game so easy that anyone can play it now. Never mind that you now never get the satisfaction of finally beating that really hard boss you have been trying to kill for the last week. I don't like From Software games, I don't have the patience for it but would never want it dumbed down to the point where the original audience no longer enjoys it just to appease me.

    That's how I feel about this. I get an awesome sense of satisfaction from spending hours trying to nail a certain combo to then executing it consistently to eventually being able to land it in an actual match.

    I guess I'm just expressing my disappointment. It's not like the existence of this game prevents me from going back to MvC/Guilty Gear/King of Fighters I just really wanted another game with the depth of Guilty Gear/Blazblue.

    Simple/easy can be fine if the depth is still there but so far (and I'm happy to be proven wrong here) it looks like the depth is just not there. I'm hoping it gets better but from what I have played so far the same generic combos work for all characters and none of the characters have playstyles that make them stand out from each other. With only 2 attack buttons and no DP motions the amount of attacks feel limited and it feels severely lacking in defensive options.

    Simplifying is one thing, reducing combos to mashing square nine times with no directional inputs required feels like a step to far for me personally.

    If this becomes the fighting game standard for people that aren't obsessive fighting game players that's fine by me. I'll be happy for the Dragonball fans and happily go back to what I was playing before.
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    This game is easy to get into but it's definitely not easy to master, the auto combos are absolutely useless against anyone decent... Try climbing ranked and only using auto combos, let's see how far you get.

    Most of the hardcore stuff I've seen so far are player made combos that utilize assists and insane aerial combinations, I mean look at this..

    If you think any scrub can pick up the game and do shit like that, you are mistaken.

    I played most of the story, sat through practice for hours learning unique combos... stepped online and got my ass handed to me, barely won 3 games, and all of the games I lost were players using really creative combinations and not relying on bashing square.

    This is definitely not as difficult as games like Tekken but it's definitely not a game just for the casual scene.

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    Online is finally working properly, could actually get some matches last night.