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  1. Smile

    Update: DEVAST8 lost his job...

    Mark Cropp, 19, made headlines around the world when he spoke about the difficulty of getting a job with the huge “DEVAST8” tattoo that covered the bottom half of his face.

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    It was done by his brother in jail during a night of drinking to make him look tough.

    “Once it was started, I thought, I can’t go back on it now,” Cropp said about the image.

    “I wish I had stopped while the outline was there to be quite honest.”

    Now his picture has been shared on the Facebook page Only in New Zealand

    Well what do you know, if you work hard at it it doesn't matter if you've got DEVAST8 tattooed on your face you'll get a job. There's hope for all of us yet.


    Thread update: 22/09/18

    DEVAST8 lost his job.
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    That's cool - good on him.

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    Good on him

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    I thought he was going to get it removed?

    I saw a video of it somewhere.

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    That is gr8.

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    iNx wrote:
    I thought he was going to get it removed?

    I saw a video of it somewhere.
    Didn't he turn the offer down?

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    Bloodline wrote:
    That is gr8.

    Rebound wrote:
    Didn't he turn the offer down?
    I think he did - i believe the pain of removal is considerably worse than actually getting the tattoo, so he pussied out.

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    what a stand up member of the community

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    He had one treatment but turned down future ones. Oh well, least hes got something, hes got one over every other lazy arsehole who don't bother trying

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    And here I was expecting him to have a bright future as a brain surgeon.

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    Slow news day.

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    who cares 5 mins of fame piss off

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    Follow up necro, DEVAST8 is up on assault charges.

    Fingers crossed that dead beat goes back to prison. Society gave him plenty of second chances and he shat on all of them.

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    We should give him another chance.

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    Colour me surprised.

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    Devast8ing news.

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    None regerts

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    not surprised at all

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    "He said his brother tattooed the nickname "Devast8" on his face during a heavy night of drinking in jail."

    Next they'll be inviting there tinder dates for a piss up in jail.

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    That is gr8.

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    Male assaults female no less. What a winner.

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    Absolutely DEVAST8'd

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    Thanks for the upd8.

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    A complete loser remains a complete loser? Who would have thought.

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    * becomes an even bigger loser