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    Effing idiot needs to have the book thrown at him

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    so do the SWAT team, trigger happy

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    If it happened here dude would only get 6 months home detention lol

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    If it happened in NZ he would most probably still be alive.

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    Both the 2 players involved other than Barriss need to be pulled in and also charged for online harassment and accessory to the fact. You should not allow the community to behave in this manner , both of them need to shown than there are consequences for such behavior and they need to be punished for it.

    as for Bariss, well i do hope he spends a few years in jail.

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    Dynamo the magician couldn't get out of this one eh!

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    Black dudes have to fool the cops into shooting whitey.

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    the 2 who started the incident have been formally charged

    The 29-page indictment has officially been unsealed this week, revealing what charges the pair faced. Case Viner (1 is currently facing charges of conspiracy to make a false report, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. His counterpart, Shane Gaskill (19), is currently facing similar charges.