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    ANyone on Voyager playing OW ?

    I use Voyager VDSL for my connection, and has been fine until the past week or so. Previously I was getting 40-50ms, now I get 100-4000ms

    Voyager cant really investigate too much without a destination IP which appears to be impossible to find.

    So anyone else having similar issue, or just me ? (Prob the latter)

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    if you google high ping overwatch, theres several complaints of it on reddit. Doubt its voyager - just a shitty game.

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    I'm on 2D and normally sitting at 50ms. I've had a couple games recently where im 100 ping (while the rest of my teammates are still 20-50) so not sure if it's a voyager thing. My parents getting set up with Voyager end of this week so could probs bring my laptop there to test while i set up her router lol

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    Well I either found the issue (Backblaze potentially at fault altho its been running for months with no issue) or there was a routing issue somewhere, but things have gone back to normal now.