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    CSNZ Pugs

    Is there any current pug groups / channels that regularly play together in csgo? Similar to the old k2p days?

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    Try ESEA?

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    whoa ill be keen to play some scrims for fun..

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    sup boys!

    get in on discord - be great to get all the old boys back supporting the scene.

    The app/phone app is awesome.

    All thos dreams we had as kids/teens? that's fast becoming a reality!

    Our NZ scene is broken, it would be great to have anyone who's been interested in CS just show up for a laugh, reflect on the history of CSNZ etc.. We had so many good times, memories, laughs, we need to bring that all back.

    I understand time is a valuable commodity, but CS can bring people together, i hope to see more old-schoolers popping into the discord to say "SUP" and show their support for NZ CS. It's not just about being competitive anymore, our time is gone... but we can appreciate the game like a sport.

    PLUS the last IEM lan tournament had a subsidised viewing party at skycity. CHEAP BEER & FREE FOOD!! It's good to get involved and i'm sure with another event coming up that could be a good time to get old school players back in the game.

    Frenzy aka BrettW aka man of many names "megarambo" even showed up.

    CHUR 2 cents. im off to LPL lounge at skycity to broadcast the last week of the LPL league on sky sports 2/twitch.