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    Yeah I only saw the digital deluxe items upgrade on sale, nothing else.

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    Weird, mine was $49.99 NZD.

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    lol at the quest content in Nazjatar. Collect 10 starfish that hardly spawn, Aren't personal and half of them disappear just as you get to them 2 hours to do one daily. Quality content. Kick 10 fish into the water that hardly spawn, Aren't personal and are nearly impossible to see. Never mind spending time farming AP because the neck limit increased, Never mind trying to farm rep for allied races, Never mind trying to spend time in Mechagon for rep for pathfinder part 2.

    Trying not to be overly negative but my experience in 8.2 so far has been underwhelming and frustrating.
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    Nazjatar is a ****ing abomination of a zone whoever came up with it needs to be marched out the door and summarily executed. Mechagon I like the zone, it's really quite cool and makes me reminice of Borderlands a bit.

    The questing and gaining rep though are really unintuitive and is a huge step backwards in player engagement, it's not clear how you are expected to work.

    It feels like they tried to repeat the Argus experiment but completely ****ed it up by making the player interactions stupid.

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    Yeah absolutely hate these 2 new zones. I really cant be stuffed doing them....worst quests and crap design.

    Waiting to see if the raid is any good...

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    I’m having a similar experience, really not fun at all. The worst part is on the server I’m on the alliance keep forming raids and sit in the middle of the horde base camping it. Pretty much have to log off or leave when they decide to do this. I know I could turn war mode off, but I refuse.