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    As someone who's had M.E/CFS for about 14 years now, this game really hits home. Unfortunately, the gameplay is quite accurate - for the first 6 months, all I was able to do was eat and walk about 15 feet or so to the bathroom once a day. Even 14 years later, things like driving are only possible on my good days.

    For those who don't want to play the game, I'd suggest watching the youtube video in the article as it covers most of it in about 12 minutes or so. He's spot on for the most part but there's 2 points he's completely wrong about.

    1) Exercise, or at least in the traditional sense of what most people relate to it, makes most M.E/CFS patients worse. This is part of what defines M.E. - it's also important to note that when I say "exercise", this can mean both mental and physical - this is part of the game and the reason why just 'browsing the internet' makes the game eat up part of Robin's 'stamina'.

    2) 'Social isolation', as I like to call it, is a huge part of M.E/CFS so when he says that 'eating/showering are more important than browsing the internet', that's only half-true. A lot of CFS/M.E patients (including myself) have had setbacks in their illness due to low human contact. Fortunately, the advent of the internet and online gaming can help this somewhat, although, as many people know, it's not the same thing as talking to someone face-to-face. In a way, this is part of the reason why I joined GPForums back in 2007, being able to talk shit that isn't about M.E. and think about other things can be a huge boon to people with the illness.

    If anyone has questions about M.E. or needs help, feel free to flick me a PM.

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    Nice one man

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    For those who are intrigued by the game / youtube video about the game, there's also unrest, a documentary about M.E. available on Netflix which made it to the Oscar's shortlist for Best Documentary.