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    Acc make tests so much more enjoyable

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    Couldn't believe it when I got home to hear that the poms got rolled for 58 ! ...oh dear what a shame have only seen the highlights but looked like outstanding swing bowling from our mob more than the ball doing anything off the wicket or really bad batting by them.

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    If Woakes touched that he wasn't that excited... very muted appeal for something that was definitely out if he touched it

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    The right call, no conclusive evidence.

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    Was really dumb for Williamson to try & creep a metre or two down the pitch when the ball is hit so close to the bowler, he was very lucky the bowler didn't get a touch on to the ball.

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    Gwarden wrote:
    The right call, no conclusive evidence.
    Yeah, didn't notice the ball deviate off his hand & when they have to show the replay half a dozen times the decision has to go in favour of the batsman.

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    He did imo, the close up looked like it. Hairy Jav was saying woakes is one of the most honest players. Still was inconclusive so right decision

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    Better for Taylor to be circumspect here rather than force the pace.

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    Gerter wrote:
    He did imo, the close up looked like it. Hairy Jav was saying woakes is one of the most honest players. Still was inconclusive so right decision
    Like I said, his appeal didn't sell it. He just sat there and said how was that. If he was 100% sure he touched, he would have got up and been celebrating like he did when he did it in the ODI's.

    Horrible way to get out, barely deserves a wicket... so it's not like England are robbed.

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    How is it possible to miss time a pull shot that bad?

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    Kane is looking more and more like Smith with that shuffle

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    Gerter wrote:
    Acc make tests so much more enjoyable
    I find I can just listen to them and don't have to actually watch all the time, it's great.

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    God test cricket at night looks wierd

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    Naw looks fine, think it's so much more interesting having a night session. Keeps bowlers in the game too.

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    It's all glowy

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    This is Henry's best inning in any match be it an ODI or a test. He has been composed and organised and mature.

    I have really hacked into him in the past, maybe I need to accept that the gap between international cricket and provincial is huge, and it takes some time to grow a player to this Santners batting improvement.

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    2nd post in a row. Some 3-4 months ago sign man and I had a conversation that a shedload of wickets fall to deliveries between waist and shoulder height in the 5th channel. You don't even have to seam it around it can be a gun barrell straight delivery even.

    Ross got one of those balls today and foolishly tried to pull it and got out in school boy fashion. Kane by comparison has been poking those out to cover point for singles all day.

    Now to change topics slightly - really safe batting by NZ under lights. We can accelerate tomorrow.

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    3rd post in a row. At least Taylor got to twenty runs. We have a policy of not losing two quick wickets so he avoided that at least.

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    Time to entertain myself by reading the English press

    We'll go straight to the big artillery in the Daily Mail

    the rage is amazing as I expected

    The comments section is even better

    But there really is no excuse for the pitiful, brainless batting that saw England plummet to 27 for nine – yes, 27 for nine – before Craig Overton put a very thin gloss on the shambles by simply putting his best foot forward.

    Thanks to Overton's unbeaten 33 in a last wicket stand of 31 with a clearly fuming Jimmy Anderson, who could not believe he was batting within the first session, England crawled to just the sixth worst total in their 996th Test. In terms of small mercies it was minute. This was a proper Eden Park mess....

    ....They were just na´ve in the extreme. There was no footwork to try to negate what swing there was, no thinking on their feet and working out what needed to be done. No batsman batted out of his crease except Overton.

    Nobody showed any application nor proper Test values....

    ...And once England got on a roll it was all downhill. They could have taken a wicket from the first ball of New Zealand's reply but Liam Livingstone, on as a sub for Mark Stoneman, inexplicably missed the two stumps he could take aim at from close range to run out Tom Latham.

    Then Root put down Jeet Raval at second slip after Dawid Malan had dived in front of him to deny Broad, who had this week bemoaned the amount of catches that are dropped off his bowling, his 400th Test wicket.....

    ...Williamson ended an extraordinary day just nine short of what would be a New Zealand record 18th Test century and, after Steve Smith before him, is showing Root the real way to bat if he truly wants to be considered a great batsman.

    New Zealand, on 175 for three, are almost out of sight already. It will take a cricketing miracle to save England here now. After just one day.

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    Gwarden wrote:
    Kane is looking more and more like Smith with that shuffle
    All the great players copy from one another.

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    Rewatching the wickets, Malan, Stoneman and Stokes you cannot blame them, they were all amazing deliveries you had to play at / Stokes was setup amazingly. Moeen Ali is looking more and more he isn't a test player.

    Broad's dismissal......well, yeah, GOAT gonna GOAT. Ship gonna sail.
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