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    Pak’n Save
    Too bad, Big Fresh was the shit

    The worst thing is definitely the Microsoft Store. I cannot get the game to work for longer than 24 hours at a time, and this isn't the only Microsoft Store game that does it. It just stops launching, until I uninstall, and re-download it.

    And yeah, apart from a few things, like farms not being solid buildings anymore, very little non-visual elements have changed. Pure nostalgia.

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    Civilization ain't an RTS, just sayin'
    EDIT: Did you mean Rise of Nations or Empire Earth series in regards to progression?
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    Plus it's a lot older than AoE :P

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    Not paying for visual upgrade

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    Kog wrote:
    Not paying for visual upgrade
    Fight the power!

    Seriously tho, nobody gives a shit.

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    Not paying for Microsoft store game

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    It's a very impressive visual update though. Really does look good, although the animations still look wonky.

    What triggers me the most is the screenshot at the top of this article. Who the hell builds their walls with the towers way on the outside? Pure filth. Towers behind the walls please.