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    JAFA wrote:
    do you use a lan adaptor ? but yea, either way, it's pretty annoying having paid for a service and having a pretty poo experience.

    just feels like we're paying to have the nes classic thing rather than a proper online system (party systems, integrated voice chat, being able in invite friends to games etc)
    i dont have the lan adaptor but 99% of the time I don't have issues, especially 1v1.

    For those of you with the physical copy of smash, remember to register your game for the free Piranha Plant fighter before feb:

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    I let a mate use my card for the points shit.

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    2.0 + Piranha Plant is available.

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    Gazza-Max wrote:
    I let a mate use my card for the points shit.
    Can you still do the points thing on already used cards (If they're using a different Switch console)

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    Na. I tried to use another card that had already been used but no luck.

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    Doh! guess it's like those one time DLC codes..

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    I'm reading that using PP in All Star mode can corrupt your save..

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    Ver 3.0 including Joker, stage editor and new phone app features launches today 1pm nzt

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