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    Any forum posts which are deemed not-on-topic or otherwise is just s**m ends up in here.

    Edit: 4600+ posts and going strong.

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    but not pumpkin right

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    hehe once again...............


    thanks every one for just being yourselves

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    this thread needs to be renamed.


    replace spam with chat :P

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    hey . i thought we said no *pumpkin*

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    ....My thoughts on SPAM vs Chat.
    What is chat really, is it meaningless drivell bout things that are happening in our dull and boring lives, or is it a worthwhile sensitive discussion on our feelings and expressions.
    Well if we look deeper in to how we are going to express ourselves, we could take on a more effective forum, where we could discuss true life problems. With working these issues, we can only but achieve the goal of making ourselves happier, more rounded individuals. Thus making the transition from forum whores into more suitable upstanding members of society...... or we could just....


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    yea rogue man, i have ta say im with ya 100% on that one

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    :roly::roly: :roly: :roly: :roly: :roly: :roly:

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    eGads - I feel sick after seeing those rolling heads...

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    becouse you are all n00bs to this forum you wouldn't have seen the "do not spam in your forum cos it will be deleted thread"
    hence, replace spam with chat


    and by all means spam it.. just call it chat :P

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    oh and seeing as you have JUST got your forum lossing it straight away would be just dumb see :P

  12. Yelling
    and if it's any help - all "spammers" get their post counts reset to 0, which makes them very not happy at easy fix is...DO WHAT PUMPKIN SAYS

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    I see that I have opened a can of worms with the discussion of Chat vs Spam, or is it just that in the forums I feel that there is a bit of distension towards spam (which of course is a variety of spiced ham) Which I am inclined to agree with on the grounds that without the need to chat and express our inner most feelings. The world would be a much nastier place and in fact I think that it would change the way in which the world is today. Even CS may not have been made if it wasnt for chatting. Therefore prehaps chat is not a BAD word prehaps it is SPAM that is the bad word. For as I have already pointed out, IT is A variety of Spiced Ham. These leads us into the world of Animal rights and yes those poor pigs locked in there cells. This cruel and barbarbic practise must stop. If you will join me in my new crusade to halt the farming of pigs, to cease the end of the slaughter of our friends the pigs. Rise up my Friends take arms in the next holy war.......

    ........ hang on a minute I just thought of some thing.......

    ................Bacon mmmm .... nah lets call the whole thing off

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    YAY FOR SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    But What about the poor PIgs?

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    it is easy to c this spam v chat thing is gettin out hand ..

    pumpkin is the worst spamA ive seen in a long time

    and he spams multi posts ... or is it that he has a opinon on everything ..

    but we could just canghe the thread to CHAT . cos well this is what we are doin

    ..Caniffe.. please change the tread name

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    I feel the need to write a paragraph...

    ......Not just a line

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    |..if u ppl out there in compter land dont know . rogue is me flat mate

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    Originally posted by Pawn
    |..if u ppl out there in compter land dont know . rogue is me flat mate

    feels all warm and fuzzy

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    Originally posted by CLeArEyEs

    feels all warm and fuzzy

    me thinkith that the i's has his hand on it again ..

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    Why doesn't someone think of the children.

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    and lollies...i looooove lollies

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    Yes...Good Point

    What about the Children... Its not good if the end up in the spam either, neither mind the Pigs lets save the children from the pits of spam... and the don't taste to good

    not like Lollies mmm yum
    yes my Freinds and fellow spamers its once again time to take up arms and prevent the use of children in spam...

    and also get a good supply of lollies

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    O_o to take the words ot of cE's mouth so to speak

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    i think i see cE's head poking out...