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    Tempted by the Switch release but will probably play it safe and go PS4.

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    How're they going to give V-Rally it's own character? With how far racing sims have come there's not a lot that separates them apart from the ones that are good and the ones that are bad.

    When I played V-Rally on PS1, what I remember the most is being absolutely drowned in white hot rage from clipping a tree stump with a wing mirror and being launched into space.

    Nostalgia will probably see me keep my eye on development if anything.

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    i had vrally back in the day . it was cool for the "wow it's like sega rally in the home" kind of way but was rendered obsolete by colin mcrae. it seems weird that the wrc7 developer is making this. just seems like a half-assed nostalgia cash-in attempt. can't see it being even 10% as good as dirt. even the makers of dirt cant better it thus far.