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    oh so thats what they were doing after scoring a try, was wondering what kinda celebration that was

    also just saw steven adams tweet out this pic

    game gettin big
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    It will be interesting to see what amount of twitch subs he can maintain, theres been lots of talk that some are dodgy botted subs(ie making a prime trial account with a prepaid visa card with 1cent on it to get the free twitch sub and fortnite loot to resell that free account) etc and days where he got thousands of subs but none of them are active in the chat and are new accounts that don't follow anyone else.

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    Richie Mo'unga did the bandage celebration a couple of weeks ago when he scored a try for the Crusaders - one of the commentators thought he was signalling that the game was wrapped up; he'd actually broken his jaw, and is now sitting at home playing Fornite...

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    Chunky: I mostly just lurk when on Twitch.

    Discounting subs because they aren't "active" in chat is just bizarre. It's like saying people aren't real unless they spam...

    I sub to 3 different Twitch entertainers. They play games I like to see played and I enjoy their attitudes and their communities. But I only say something in chat about once or twice a month.

    I don't follow anyone I'm not interested in potentially subbing to. So I have 5 people I follow. Again, it's a weird metric for determining the viability of the sub. After all, for the big names in particular games... you don't need to follow them. They are always at the top of the page because of their viewer count.

    On an unrelated note: I'm super pleased that cross platform is getting bigger and bigger.