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    The Terror [AMC]

    Starts Tuesday

    The crew aboard the Royal Navy's polar explorer HMS Terror ventures into uncharted territory seeking the Northwest Passage. The ship is soon stuck, frozen and isolated; and her crew must survive the harsh weather conditions and each other.

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    Sweet I remember seeing a trailer for this ages ago, looks pretty mean

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    This could be good. Black Sails had a few episodes based on ship life/problems and they were great.

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    I really liked the first episode, god it would be scary being in that diving suit.

    This is going to get absolutely nuts when they start running out of food, I'm also interested to see what they do with the horror element.

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    Wow this looks good. Ep 2 out now.

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    Good idea to make it a limited series(10 eps), might follow if ratings hold up

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    JESUS episode 3!

    God I want to binge watch this.

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    Really loving this. Definitely my favourite show atm

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    Where you guys watching this?

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    Puk wrote:
    Where you guys watching this?
    At Uncle Torrence's place

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    At Uncle Torrence's place
    Thought might be thx. Off to see my uncle

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    The whole series can actually be watched all at once if you live the in US and subscribe to a certain thing but it probably won't get leaked.

    edit: 4 and 5 might have leaked.

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    And couldnt help myself... watched 4 and 5 - so now got a few weeks to wait. Awesome show!

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    Episodes 6, 7 and 8 are out now. This show has the weirdest releases.

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    CODChimera wrote:
    Episodes 6, 7 and 8 are out now. This show has the weirdest releases.

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    AMC, gotta have a looksee.

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    I finished it last night.

    Crazy good.

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    crazy good yes sir

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    Just finished this up. Loved every minute of it. My show of the year so far

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    The last couple of episodes get very tough to watch.

    The descent into madness was really well done.

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    Was good, albeit a glacial pace at times and you get a little sick of characters randomly telling their life stories; also got a little confused at some points as a lot of the guys looked similar - but overall, worth a watch.

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    Ok this show is brilliant

    Valeo wrote:

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    Top show

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    Just finished it. Looked up some of the real story, there are many books published about it. Reminds me of reading about Everest corpses.

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    Season 2 premiere August 13