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    Do you need an Xbox live account to play offline on PC? Is it DRM or just for multiplayer?

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    w0lfbrains wrote:
    Do you need an Xbox live account to play offline on PC? Is it DRM or just for multiplayer?
    We don't know at this time. XBL account is required in some capacity for even the Steam version, but that's all we know.

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    heres an update from SXSW.

    -Reach test will be happening sooner than people think
    -The test is actually ready to go, they just need a large amount of signups
    -The Tests will take place on Steam
    -The Title is NOT Play Anywhere but they are looking into options for current owners of MCC
    -There will be a big AMA on reddit this Tuesday!
    -There will be no crossplay with XBO at launch, 343 themselves WANT to do it, but they
    1) Want the game to be finished before doing it
    2) Want the community to tell them that they want it (this read to me like they want to community to tell them HOW they want it implemented)
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    Some new info from the reddit ama.

    -Uncapped Framerate confirmed (current plan is to support uncapped FPS in each title but this may vary as work continues)

    -Halo Reach's forge and theater will not be present at launch. The plan is to add them around Halo 3 or Halo 4's release window.

    -Bundled option available after the release of all games, until then players will buy each game individually.

    -Eldewrito team said to be helping explore official mod support options

    -Progress from MCC on Xbox One will carry over to the PC version.

    -Required specs will come after flighting results

    -FOV sliders will vary slightly by title

    -Crossplay between all PC versions will be a thing. Xbox to PC crossplay is not currently supported but it is being 'investigated'.

    -Splitscreen is 'tricky' and the team is still looking at what can be supported.

    -Anti cheat details will come at a later date

    -No pricing information at this moment. Will come later on down the line.

    -Centered crosshairs and the ability to adjust them is being 'investigated'.

    -Ultra-wide support is confirmed as well as a bunch of other aspect ratios.

    -No current plans to bring Halo 5 to PC.

    -MCC will continue to use dedicated servers on PC.

    -The team is actively investigating bringing user created content from Halo Custom Edition over to MCC.

    -To reiterate, you don't have to have a paid gold subscription play MCC. Only a free Microsoft account is required.

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    Interesting that they wont port Halo 5. Would have thought it would have been the easiest.

    Not that the story was great anyway, but it would have been nice to have the whole franchise come to PC.

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    I think they might if they see the PC version of the MCC games are popular before thinking about porting it over.

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    I like Halo 4, It's better than Halo 5