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    ludez wrote:
    Does dns4me still work?
    Working for me

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    i sometimes have issues with UK netflix but their USA service is rock solid

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    KevinL wrote:
    Working for me
    yup - never had an issue

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    Equity wrote:
    yup - never had an issue
    Same here, been working well.

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    I've bee using it with no issues for a 4 months. Easy to change my tvs dns settings

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    KevinL wrote:

    Blue Planet II looks like it's US/CA only, Twin Peaks, Parks and Rec
    Thanks for the link up Kevin and the rest of you guys for the response, appreciate it - it appears i am indeed on US Netflix. Might just be me, but feels like NZ Netflix has a lot of the great older titles we might feel nostalgic and want to watch like Police Academy etc.

    I found another way to possibly check if its "changing" you over to US Netflix, which is to check your access logs. It must look a little funny to netflix if they were to ever check your logs, so i'd recommend you don't deal with their customer service whilst using dns4me, just in case...

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    Customer service is seriously the worst.