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    Valve argued that digital products sold through Steam shouldn’t be considered “goods” by Australian law, and that therefore, it wasn’t doing business in Australia.

    If it isn't doing business in Australia, it shouldn't have bothered to contest the suit in court. Just laughed and ignored it.

    If Algerian courts decided that an Algerian who contracted me to build their website was doing business in Algeria and sued, I would just shrug my shoulders and show my friends for laughs, then move on with my life.

    Their presence is evidence enough that they themselves recognise that trading in Australia is worth defending.

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    Valve has 2.2 million Australian subscriber accounts on Steam.


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    Valve: We Not Selling Things To Australia!

    ACCC: You have 2.2 mill users based in Australia.

    Valve: But We not selling to them. They just bought from us! It's Totally Different!

    Yep. Sure it is Valve. lol