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    jords wrote:
    Michelle Williams is cute as
    Still Dawsons Creek best girl.

    This movie was so accidental nostalgic 90s cheese.

    Kind of a worse version of upgrade.

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    clockblock wrote:
    Still Dawsons Creek best girl.

    This movie was so accidental nostalgic 90s cheese.

    Kind of a worse version of upgrade.
    I would've compared it to the Spawn flick lol

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    Venom followed up its strong opening weekend with a solid hold, claiming the top spot at the box office this weekend. Sony’s super-antihero film brought in $35.7 million to hold onto the top spot. That’s a drop of 55% from last weekend, which is very solid especially when you consider the $80.3 million overperformance from the film’s first weekend. It’s better than the 60% hold for Captain America: Civil War and — more signficantly — better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s 62% fall in 2012.

    No matter how you slice it, this is a win for Sony. As of now, the film stands at $142.8 million domestically and $378.1 million worldwide, already putting it close to the realm of potential profitability. Even with some major competition for its target audience, Venom is aiming for a post-$200 million final domestic gross.

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    Wow that's a lot better than I expected considering all the negative reviews

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    Tom Hardy is carrying it all on this shoulders. Much of everything else was mediocre.

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    Fun ass movie, I had a really good time watching it. Bad point was the weak villains but the film was a hit so hopefully we'll see that sequel with Carnage.

    If Sony use Venom's success as an excuse to launch their own Spiderverse I'd be fine with that. Marvel might be nosediving the MCU soon in Phase 4 with wokeness.

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    That was alright. Tom Hardy's accent was real weird, don't think he was all that good in this. Venom itself was probably my favourite bit, strange shift in motivations notwithstanding. Would've benefited from their relationship getting to the stage it was right at the end a little bit sooner, their banter is a great part of why I enjoy the comic.

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    Now bite their heads off and pile them in the corner - lol funny :-)

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    I liked it. Plot and villians were weak but so has been 70% of the marvel films.

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    It wasnt anything special but entertaining enough. Id watch a sequel

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    Had a good time watching this on a lazy hot sunday arvo. I loved the conversations between Eddie and Venom. It was a straight forward adaptation of the source material. Simple but fun.

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    Boring movie, plot was poor - did not rate the movie at all.

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    weirdly paced and kinda underwhelming


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    Watched couple weeks ago it was awesome.

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    Wow thats different.

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    That's cool about Andy.

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    Hey, that's pretty good.