Philips Hue Vs Yeelight

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    I have a Harmony 880, I liked it so much I bought another one when the first one wore out after many years of use and abuse. I really don't like the design of their new stuff, it is less ergonomic and the 880 is also more intuitively laid out.

    I also like the tactile feedback to just pick the thing up and press a button without looking at it and the fact it also has the backlit buttons for when you need to and a screen for the less used functions.
    Yea other than the shape and smartphone controls the elite is quite similar to the 880

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    My $40 IR/RF transmitter does the job, can use the app if you want to control things via a remote. I've integrated everything through it with my Google Home devices and just do it by voice, which is way more convenient.

    I bought a WIFI dongle for my LED strip lighting and can control that via its app and by voice through Google also.
    I really just want to be able to use Alexa to control the TV, not worried too much about the actual remote itself. Tell me more about this IR/RF transmitter please?

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    I have the Broadlink RM Pro. I'll let this video answer that question for you

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    ^ Cheers man! $67 on TardMe - think ima get one!

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    No worries, there is an updated version called the Broadlink RM PRO+. There is also the RM Mini3 that just doesn't have RF and is cheaper and a different form factor- you can get the Mini3 for ~28 from Alliexpress.

    You can control it from outside your home WIFI from your phone as well without having to set anything else up. I can use it for example to let someone in through my electric driveway gates when I am not home, which is handy when I don't want to give someone the pin code to the gate opener keypad.

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    Actually, i think this will be a better option;

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    Buying both of what I listed above? Sure if you have TV's in more than one room you want to control and still have RF capability from the RMPRO+.

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    Buying both of what I listed above? Sure if you have TV's in more than one room you want to control and still have RF capability from the RMPRO+.
    Yeah, TV in an open plan living area, plus bedroom TV and Mancave TV, so will probably be living area and bedroom. The Mancave TV automatically comes on when I switch on the PS4 anyway, which is predominantly what it’s used for.

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    We can not compare them, apart from enlightening, these two products have nothing in common.
    Xiaomi bulbs are embedded wifi systems. So consume +, communicates in wifi permanently (even light off). Who says wifi says broadband so radio broadcast powerful enough. In addition they pass directly through the router, so an IP bulb / device ...
    On the other side there is the Hue system of philips with a HUB. It's not wifi, but zigbee. no wifi wave. This is the router that communicates with the hub via a cable. The zigbee is very low consumption and the signal for the bulbs is only very punctual (when you turn on or when you are off). In addition zigbee networks are network type "mesh", the signal passes through the other bulbs if necessary. So the more bulbs you have, the more your network grows and does not clutter your wifi network. The hub puts it in "dormancy" when it is not solicitous, and it is the router that wakes it up via the cable when activating a bulb.

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    Buying both of what I listed above? Sure if you have TV's in more than one room you want to control and still have RF capability from the RMPRO+.
    Finally ordered these from the Broadlink store - pricing much the same as everyone else, but direct from them seems to have much better shipping.

    They an easy set up?

    In other news, our power bill has gone down quite a bit since installing the Hue LED downlights. Seems to be a combo of less power use than conventional bulbs, and because they're closed units, less heat escaping from them into the ceiling cavity. Pretty happy with it really.

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    They can be a little bit of a faff at first. Not sure if that has improved with plus model. With the RMPRO that I have, it (like a lot of Chinese smart tech) doesn't like 5GHz at all, as in you may even have to disable it on your router first before starting the setup process as it takes offense to it even being there - weird, but it is what it is.

    The IHC software is passable, not great, but is also a lot better than it use to be. Once you make an account with it as part of the setup, your config will be saved to the cloud, so if you get a new phone etc you won't have to go through setting up all your gear again.

    For setting up TV's and things you can search for models and it should give you a base list of the buttons you have on your remote (just like Harmony does, but it isn't as comprehensive as theirs). I just did a custom setup and manually recorded each function off my remotes that I wanted - takes a while, but once it is done, you don't have to do it again.

    I recorded each channel on the remote for example 10 (Prime). I then went into the scene creating function in IHC and made a scene called 'Prime' that enters 1 and then 0 on the remote to change to that on my Freeview Plus box. I then went into Google Home and created a routine that runs that scene (once you tell Google Home to sync with Broadlink it can do this). So now I can just say "Ok Google, Prime" and the Google Home will activate the RMPRO to change the station.

    This works anywhere as long as your WIFI is on in your house. So for example when I am coming home at night I have a scene that opens my driveway gates, turns my outside and inside lights on and turns the TV on plus my HT amp and Freeview Plus box and puts them all on the correct settings. So I just say "Ok Google" whilst driving (as my phone is linked via Bluetooth to my car stereo) "I'm home" and then it executes that scene.

    When creating the scene it is good idea to put at least half a second between each command you want it to execute, so the transmitter sends the signals out correctly - especially when turn on a bunch of AV gear where you have it changing inputs and channels.

    You should have better control over it than I do, as the Alexa integration is currently better than Google Home with it. I think you can control the remote functions directly without the need for scenes more easily with it.

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    ^ Legend - thanks for such a comprehensive reply. Sounds like it's going to be fun!