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    Pokemon Switch Thread

    Think its time Pokemon Switch had its own thread. Since so much stuff is out there now.

    Here's a handy reddit thread for a quick summary.

    In Short.

    The two games are apparently titled Lets Go: Eevee and Lets Go: Pikachu .
    Theyre re-imaginings of Yellow/Kanto with game mechanics borrowed from Pokémon Go.
    Coincidence or not? Eevee and Pikachu are two major Pokemon in the upcoming movie.

    Whats happened so far.

    -Pixelpar's tweets have been hinting at a yellow remake since mid-March, featuring Pikachu and Eevee.
    -At the end of March, a screenshot was posted (somewhere?) that was claimed to be from Pokemon Switch featuring a riding Lapras and a following Eevee (on head)
    -On April Fool's day somebody posted a list of "leaks" on 4chan saying Let's Go, indicating some sort of loose remake or sequel to Yellow. Got ignored because of the date.
    -Last week, staff on ResetEra started dropping hints that something was happening soon.
    -May 10th Masuda posted an image on twitter of Eevee and Pikachu wearing an L Luigi hat (reference to Let's Go?)
    -Yesterday someone on 4chan leaked a logoand proper 2 version titles for Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu & Eevee.
    -Today, Emily (an admin here) posted a Q&A that hinted at or listed things appearing in the prior 4chan leak.
    -Then today a bunch of other folk considered in-the-know indicated belief that these are real, including some staff here and Pixelpar, who published a reveal video with an upload date from 3 weeks ago.
    -New Movie21 promotional art has begun heavily featuring Pikachu & Eevee.
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    What no common! I hate Pokémon go I want to sit on my toilet and play Pokémon not walk around the block

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    Personally I've never seen so many rumors or fake leaks over a single game as I've seen over the last year for this. I do keep up with them and seen all the ones listed above but it's definitely grain of salt material for me. After an earlier screenshot I wouldn't even be surprised if this was back to the Sun / Moon style.

    Only thing I care about is having Gen 8. Oh, and an open country to explore like Breath of the Wild (certainly not the first to wish for this!)

    I do have a funny feeling, and this is just gut feel, but this friday morning there will be a reveal through the official nintendo YT.

    This tweet is pretty telling though

    Not a leak - just some interesting things I've noticed:

    - Project Eevee twitter was born on November 21

    - It's tweets often references ⏰ 11時21分

    - 2018 is the 20th anniversary of Pokémon Yellow (Sept 199
    Had a thought. There could well be 2 separate sets of games here. Yellow / PoGo type game this year, Gen 8 next year.
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    It's all bullshit

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    Starting to sound more credible as domains have been registered

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    lol plz don't make capturing pokemon like Go

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    Pokemon snap

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    Surely this can't be the RPG we've been waiting all these years for.. They've got to have something else underwraps.

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    Yeah that's my thought. Something nostalgic and pogo integrated soon, rpg / gen 8 late 2019.

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    There will be "shocking pokemon news" may 31st according to pokemon variety / serebii. Probably the Pikachu switch gen 1 remake from the sounds of it.

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    They removed the shocking part but something's gonna happen today or tomorrow

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    Emily Rodgers "You won't have to wait till Thursday for Pokemon news."

    (i dunno who she is but name gets bandied around each time there's news)
    edit: latest is there's an event running in japan today and the pokemon stuff will be around 2:30pm NZT
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    Eurogamer is in Japan

    Something's going down

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    Live tweeting from event

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    THREE announcements: new Game Freak developed game for both Switch and smartphones; new core RPG; new device.

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    Pokemon quest? You wot m8.

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    free game, for mobile too

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    Pokeball hardware accessory !

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    Let's Go! Pikachu and Eevee