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    My first thought was "no campaign? I'm out." (I know, I'm weird). Second thought was "Battle Royale with C.O.D. gunplay? Yes, yes, all over my tits!". Third thought is "wtf is with swords and shit in zombies mode? this is a gun game.".

    These thoughts are brought to you by the letters W, T, and Y. Hah, bet you thought you knew what that last one was going to be didn't ya.

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    I stopped playing CoD MP around Blops2/MW3 era. Kept buying them for the single play as the wife enjoys playing those, as short as they are.

    I guess Activision doesn't want my money this year!

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    No buy from me will buy battlefield instead

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    Do not want. But I said that since Modern Warfare :P - I am sure the Battle Royale mode will be a hit though

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    It's a shame. The Black Ops games have always had great campaigns. I'll be giving this one a hard pass.