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    Titanfall 3 tease?

    Titanfall 2 was great. Hyped.

    5.26.18 “Incoming Transmission” posted by Senior Animator at Respawn Entertainment. #PassItOn

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    Releases same day as Battlefield V

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    Awwww yusssssssss.

    Although I'm still having an epic time with Titanfall 2 multiplayer, hasn't got stale for me yet

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    Borrowed TF2 off friend, please be raining in weekend!

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    jords wrote:
    releases same day as battlefield v

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    Didn't they cannibalize TF2's release doing the same thing?

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    Apparently it's for some Titanfall cartoon on YouTube.

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    Keen as for tf3, single player on tf2 was brilliant

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    zippy wrote:
    Keen as for tf3, single player on tf2 was brilliant
    Still remember that Viper boss fight, so frustrating.

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    Happy to jump on the hype train for Titanfall 3. I loved both the campaign and MP of the second one and if they can improve upon that, sign me up.

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    TF2's campaign was so bloody good: that time-shift sequence

    More Titanfall the better!

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    I prefered the first over the second but I'm the minority.