Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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    Ubisoft have really struck gold with these games, great games, and awesome post launch support.

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    The game is an absolute filler-filled grind fest.
    The horse controls are beyond a joke, the world travel is boring because of that. You know the open world is badly designed when you want to fast travel every 2 minutes instead of explore.

    The story also is all over the place-origins atleast had a decent story.
    Oddyssey is the same game but more fillers, probably wanting people to buy skills and waste $.

    Got bored half way through. Hard to rate the experience as anything more than 7/10

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    Crikey that's a very negative sounding review then a 7/10? What does it take to be less than that!

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    I'm guessing its a meta commentary on the refusal of mainstream games media to rate games below a 7.