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    go with redbubble, it's really good, don't get much per t-shirt/item but hey, it's something

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    so far i've made 19 sales and a profit margin of $43, hoping it picks up during the xmas season

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    redbubble is rife with bootlegged shit

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    3 designs in my shop now. My vision is to get people to wear shirts with swear words they don't understand, much like how Asian people wear shirts with English on them (sometimes rude) that they can't understand but when someone does they can have a giggle. Possible large pics incoming.

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    My name translated to Russian is the c word, so that's fun.

    I like the type face of the last design

    Edit: I should be more specific, my name in Cyrillic characters spells out the c word, was a great time showing my visa at Russian customs

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    Buy my thingssss 15% off and free shipping with code CYBERSALE. Print quality is nice.

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    Helvete a la chingada

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    Print quality is nice.
    It's already all peeled off!

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    Privoxy wrote:
    It's already all peeled off!
    Haha it's "vintage"

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    Ban for advertising tbh