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    #1 [KevinL Signal]


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    WTF is this thread about?

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    and KevinLel


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    I am wondering the reason why scientists had to be involved after the actual discovery after the plant. And that my previous psychiatrists name was Dr Plant in Kingsland. Also was it originally white when you mix it with water, and was it as powerful as a drug without these deranged chemists long after those in the article about coke on wiki such as

    Weed should be legalized, but not the white. And also the problem I could never get a property with Ray White, Raine & Horne, but only with LJ Hooker and Private Owner when I was living in Henderson (west Auckland)

    There is a god, to hell with anything but cigarettes and liquor.
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    Someone's off his meds again

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    Sounds like you forgot to that write that repeat script

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    This is my kinda thread.

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    This thread is much more mental than usual.

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    I have OP on Ignore, would recommend to all

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    I think this thread is shit enough and the op will regret it enough when they wake up that I can get rid of it.

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