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    Who's playing what?

    Are their any good games out at the moment? I feel like playing something but can't find anything that grabs my attention.

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    If you want to wander around a largely empty and supremely dull open world then Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the game for you.

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    Kinda boring lull period at the moment

    Just playing some overwatch and hearthstone until new games come out

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    I just started playing horizon zero Dawn last night. Finished the last of us last weekend. Feels good to get into the PS4 exclusives back catalogue.

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    Rotating Paladins, Fortnite and Ys VIII on Switch.

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    I haven't really been playing anything of much since there's no games that interest me at the moment. I found Shadow Warrior classic for free on steam while waiting for Crackdown to arrive (found a super cheap copy of the game on trademe)

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    Wreckfest, Get a few buddies to buy it and you'll have hours of fun.

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    PC - Fallout 4 - My second time trying to get through this, It's a bit of a struggle as this game is average in almost every way. Average story, average characters & very average quests. Are there any quests that don't involve going somewhere and killing a bunch of raiders or ghouls? Only thing that makes this gaming interesting is the building & the combat can be fun at times. Also enjoy the modding side of things.

    PS4 - Nioh, H1Z1

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    Kingdom come Deliverance.

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    check out town of salem on steam its a party game,good to sit down and have your lunch with,liers and piss takers welcome,its cheap also

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    I've gone back to Bad Company 2, there's a full server every night. Also a new Stalker mod called Dead Air.

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    Hollow Knight on Switch

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    Guild Wars 2, and the odd game of LoL when I can stomach it.

    Got halfway through Prey and then just lost interest for the second time. Waiting for Post Scriptum and/or BF5 and hoping at least one of them will be engaging.

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    DL'd FIFA 18 last night, it's $35 on the PSN Store. The World Cup update is temporary though until 16 July. The **** is up with that

    Mostly play Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition tho, 30th Anniversary, Ultimate Street Fighter IV, Just Cause 3 and also Knack II against my will cos my kid loves it
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    Robocraft infinity, fallout 4 and state of decay 2

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    The Long Dark Wintermute. Had the sandbox since backing but never got round to the story. Loving it.

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    Pxndx wrote:
    I've gone back to Bad Company 2
    Been jamming this too

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    ^I wanted to. I installed it and when it asked for my password I put in the one that logs me into EA's site via Dashlane, but it kept saying it was wrong :/

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    Currently playing through Nioh

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    Witcher 3, really enjoying Blood and Wine. To get my FPS fix I am playing Squad.

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    jamming the new league in path of exile at the moment. 200 hours in the last 2 months I think.

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    I just put down Path of Exile again (I get bored when I get to mapping i.e. basically the actual game).

    I'm back on Rust and loving it - getting those gaming "moments" (i.e. made a fight pit, buried weapons and hosted a battle role with 15 Australians screaming at each other).

    Waiting on Post-Scriptum to come out on the 18th where I'll play the living shit out of it as a tank commander.

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    Teats! wrote:
    Kingdom come Deliverance.
    Just bought this from an online retailer who shall remain nameless for $50 for the PS4. Until that arrives, i'm getting into Deus Ex Mankind Divided on PS4 (was "free" a few months ago), and playing Nier Automata.

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    Not much at the moment, pretty busy but getting in some Path of Exile, Dragonball FighterZ and SFV when I can. All stuff that I can put down quickly if I need to.

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    Frederick James wrote:
    Just bought this from an online retailer who shall remain nameless for $50 for the PS4. Until that arrives, i'm getting into Deus Ex Mankind Divided on PS4 (was "free" a few months ago), and playing Nier Automata.
    I keep meaning to start Deus Ex, also added to catalogue during the PS+ free month. How are you finding Nier Automata so far? Been tempted to grab it.