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    What is your Main going to be in BFA?

    BFA launches next month. Thinking about mains. What is everyone doing?

    I am considering Mage, Warrior or DH at the that order.

    Main thing I do is Mythic Raiding and Mythic+ mans so guess I will decide once I have done the leveling.

    Have been a mage for the past few expansions and love the double blink...prefer being ranged when raiding. None of the other ranged seem to have the same mobility? I did love the warlock in TBC though....hmm

    Have raided as a warrior and DH in recent times too so guess it depends on how BFA feels??

    I also want to level a WW monk ASAP as I quite enjoy that too..

    Too many classes!! haha

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    Bear, hunter or ret.

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    Resto Druid for me - have always been mad on PvP but am looking forward to doing Mythic Dungeons going forward, i've played on and off over the past year and never had the patience for PvE, but the Mythic concept in a small group sounds appealing. Hoping world PvP makes a comeback too.

    RIP MM Hunter with 231 days played and 108,000 HKs (most of that was BC and Wrath) - the new changes aren't enough for me to want to play him currently, hopefully it'll change!

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    Shadow priest and a mage. SP because SP4lyfe and mage because sometimes I like to be in the top 10 on the dps tables.

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    Affliction Warlock or Shadow Priest I guess, because I like dots.

    But really, I'm not likely to raid and will probably just do M+ dungeons.

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    Has anyone played Spriest in BFA? The current (legion) playstyle is quite enjoyable but it's not very forgiving. A little mistake or bit of lag and you end up dropping void form early and can't make it up for the better part of another minute. My WarcraftLogs percentiles were better in WoD for the most part.

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    Most likely a Druid.

    I've been a Paladin since Wrath, although it's been with me since TBC, and just don't have it in me anymore. With ~90 exalted reps I'll likely keep the Pally as an alt to get the achievement for 100, but then it'll likely get benched.

    The Mage will always be a main Alt. I love the class fantasy but it's just so damned squishy I quickly get fed up in world content and put it away for months on end.

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    Warlock - haven't ever had an alt, don't see a reason to start now

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    sorceror wrote:
    Warlock - haven't ever had an alt, don't see a reason to start now
    Levelling on a different faction isn't a bad reason if you don't find playing a different class interesting enough.

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    It's not that, there's just so much to do that I would only feel right starting a new character if I competed everything on my main (achievements etc).

    Fat chance of that happening though

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    Amen. I've been Mage since vanilla for that same reason.

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    I enjoy variety but have been Mage for a fair few years now... Looking forward to some new content!

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    Demon Hunter

    most fun I've had in this game for a while now, tested them in beta, still solid.