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    inboxed wrote:
    think the wieght limit was 35 pounds in the end tryed to grab some cheap knock off lazy boys and coundnt
    The massage table and server case I bought was way over that limit.
    Massage table arrived in 4 days via DHL.

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    I think the weight limit was an addition due to people going overboard and ordering large items like massage tables and server cases.
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    Word Of Madness wrote:
    It seems like they're messing around with it behind the scenes. Initially it worked on everything Amazon sold, huge and heavy items included, then it didn't work for anything, then it worked again, but large/heavy stuff would split into a separate shipment that wasn't free, and now it's back to not working at all again - or at least that's what I've experienced. I should've pulled the trigger in the first instance, but hung around since a couple of things I wanted go on regular discounts according to camelcamelcamel.
    This was essentially my experience as well, with getting a new monitor - worked on almost everything, then didn't work. Turns out they didn't really have any deals that I wanted, so didn't really miss out - and amazon prime day looks a bit shit as well

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    sandisk 480gb ssd is about $125 via prime day which is $50 cheaper than NZ

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    Is this free shipping deal still on?

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    The link posted by ticallista still says so. You may need help from their customer service staff to take advantage though.