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    Replacing old UHF antenna, recommendations?

    Been having lots of reception issues with freeview over the past couple years, its never really bothered me but it's gotten worse and worse until now a lot of the channels dont work at all in the rain.

    So I spoke to a friend who does audio visual stuff, he said just replace the aerial and bypass the (splitter?) box on the mast. I feel like he called it something different, can't remember. He also said just point it in the same direction as all the other aerials on neighbours roofs and I should be fine.

    So I went to jaycar today, bought their $54 UHF aerial, got home, and I see it's like literally twice the length of the one that's on the roof? Is this a problem?

    I'm about 1.2km away from the Hamilton tower, but not line of sight, there are a few trees and a couple roofs in the way. And the current antenna is pointing about 40 ish degrees away from the tower.

    Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

    I plan on splitting it off into two seperate jack points as well, is that has any impact on the situation.

    Go easy on me, I know absolutely zero about any of this.

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    Should be fine. Run all new wiring while you're at it. Easy.

    At a guess either the trees have got more dense and are blocking the signal? Or there is corrosion happening somewhere that is slowly degrading the signal. I've only installed one, but I put everything in new and it went fine.

    Splitting it into two with half the signal strength, but unless your signal is super bad, it won't matter. I think I split mine into 4 or 5 outputs, signal strength was fine. Different situation as I have line of sight, but probably 10-15km away.

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    I'm a freeview installer so will offer advice where possible,

    1, your friend _might_ have been talking about an old diplexer/triplexer. These were designed to combined multiple aerials (VHF/UHF) into one common output. Now that NZ is digital, and only using UHF band for TV, you don't need this box anymore
    2, If you know where the signal tower is, point the aerial at it. I searched Hamilton Tower and the polarity should be vertical Refer here According to google, the Hamilton Tower here?Google says thats here?
    3, If the signal strength is good, trees won't matter, roofs generally won't but try get the aerial as high as you realistically can, on the "tower side of the house"
    4, length/size of aerial won't matter if its bigger
    5, splitting the connection won't halve your signal, not even close. But you need to ensure cable is cut correctly. Most people who try DIYs often bugger this up by cutting through the outer PVC insulation and the ground cable. Ideally you would use crimped plugs (especially outside) but seeing as buying a tool wouldn't be overly worthwhile when you'll only use it once. you can get screw on plugs. This video shows how to do it within the first 3 mins. I don't know why that video is 7mins but you might find something else helpful if you watch it.

    feel free to ask anything else, will help where I can.
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    B|ind-Reaper* wrote:
    5, splitting the connection won't halve your signal, not even close. But you need to ensure cable is cut correctly. Most people who try DIYs often bugger this up by cutting through the outer PVC insulation and the ground cable.
    So you're saying signal is not split 50/50 on a 2 way splitter, for example? Google lead me astray two years ago when I wired mine up lol. I think I wired in a 6 way splitter and used trademe "SKY" branded connectors, they seemed pretty legit.
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    No it certainly doesn't halve it. Admittedly, I'm not an expert on this sort of thing. But on a good day, I can get around 70-80db worth of signal on a given frequency. Between the aerial and a TV (even with a big splitter in between, I'd typically lose between 0-12db ish on a system with RG6 cable and modern splitters etc.

    You could easily split 80db of signal to a bunch of TVs before you'd notice poor reception. Hotels have this issue but its more the long cable run thats the problem. They use amplifiers to keep it moving along quickly (so to speak)

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    Thanks for the input guys. I got up on the roof, removed all the old gear and chucked the new one up. All of my neighbours were pointing at the top of the police station and we're all horizontal, so I just did the same and it's working great. It probably only about 700 metres or so line of sight.

    I tested it on the ground first to make sure it was all good. Even just sitting it on the floor in the lounge at a 90 degree angle to the tower gets good signal lol

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    So I spoke too soon.

    Last night had more issues, with choice tv and al jazeera I think. I took some pics of the signal test screen on the tv. Does this mean anything to anyone? All the other channels seemed perfect while these two were pretty much unwatchable.

    I've got the new aerial, and all new cable right to the tv, with new fittings (fitted properly).

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