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    Titans [DC Universe]

    "F*ck Batman", LOL.

    That is a really shit trailer. Geoff Johns is writing so there's some hope here.

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    yeah looks pretty shit. Beast boy looks like shit & not a fan of ghetto Starfire. Hopefully the writing is decent.

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    Man, I just want another season of the original Teen Titans cartoon series that was on CN, no live-action or Teen Titans Go bullshit.

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    I just finished watching Young Justice on Netflix and looked up to see why they didn't make a third season of it (season 2 is from 2012). Turns out they have made a third season and they aren't going to play it till next year now, because they want to launch it on the new DC platform along with this.

    Hopefully this is just a shoddy trailer, because god help them if they want to anchor their new network with this otherwise.

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    oh dear, so Robin is now a murdering vigilante? Thats ok i guess except not? I mean sure, edgy and everything but the main point of Robin in Titans was so have a younger more naive version of Bats who is getting smarter, learning his craft and not Punisher ?

    Sunfire and Beast boy. Diversity hire i guess? And Raven, hmm wasn't she older than she looks or maybe the artist drew her as more than jail bait.

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    Haha, oh wow

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    Does not look good at all imo.

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    This looks amazing!

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    Sweet!! Think I was one of the few that thought S1 was decent lol. Can't wait to see Dove again

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    I liked it.

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    Cool, I'd forgotten they had cast Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne / Batman - hope he gets a better ending here than he did in GoT.