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    Damn, had no idea about this but would love to play it if they ever decide to port it to PC or switch.

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    Looks very similar to Earthbound. Can't wait to play it on PC

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    I nabbed this on the Vita store, and was so charmed by it that I got the collector's ed for the PS4. It's a really sweet little game; it's not reinventing the genre but it executes well and the Kiwiana makes it utterly gorgeous. Everyone I tell about it can't believe it exists and is similarly charmed by it when I show it off. Good on the developers; it's a game I'm proud to have a copy of.

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    Those graphics are 100% Mother 3 style - but I'm not complaining, looks like fun.

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    Any indie Dev should put their games on Switch. They eat it up

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    Nah their carts are specially made to taste gross as to avoid that