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    I've played the hell out of this on Switch and really enjoyed it. I actually bought the founders pack on my US account coz it was cheaper + I had left over credit so had all characters unlocked, but decided that since the online Nintendo paid subscription is probably going to be per region when it drops later in the year, started playing again on my NZ account that starts with base characters so slogging through and unlocking my favs the hard way.

    Definitely agree on the time between matches - for me it's been quick enough finding matches (I use US region for match making from memory) but you sit around for so damn long on the character select and pre-battle screens. This isn't unique to switch but is still a bit of a turn off when you feel like a quick game.

    Even more so if you play ranked.. takes like 5 mins to start a match lol.

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    oh and 1.3 just dropped! includes a new character. Been saving for him.

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    FYI its free to play now. Just got to search for it on the eshop.

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    Thanks Crow#Zero! Hopefully this gets a heap of new players to check it out!